This is the captain speaking...

Hello Sonar Lights fans!

This is a letter from George Miadis.

A few weeks ago, I began having such excruciating back pain that the only way I could find relief was by lying flat on the floor. I guess years of hauling heavy gear (PAs, amplifiers, speakers...) came for payday... Diagnosis was bulged disc on L5 that presses S1 (sciatic nerve) on right side.

Medication and other non-invasive treatments have not brought relief, and the doctors recommended back surgery, followed by two months of physical therapy as the only option.

I’m sure I don’t have to remind you that the job of a professional musician does not come with sick pay or health insurance. And so, I am facing a mountain of healthcare bills at a time when I'm unable to work.

If you think I have made a positive impact on your life through my art or friendship, I hope you will join in supporting by contributing to my GoFundMe account in whatever way you can.

The reward for your donation will be the whole SL and Sons of Faust (a side project Electronic/Ambient of mine) discography so far plus the coming up release of two new albums. (FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD FORMAT)

Gratefully yours, George Miadis

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